Astrophysics (FMFF10)


Föreläsningen tisdagen den 28 februari kl. 8-10 är flyttad till rum H530 (högst upp i H-huset på fysikum.) Astrofysikkursen 2012: Föreläsningar onsdagar 13.15 -15.00 i seminarierum F på matematisk fysik samt (med vissa undantag) tisdagar 8.15 - 10.00 i seminarierum F. Första föreläsningen ges onsdagen den 25 januari.

The lecture on Tuesday February 28 at 8-10 am is moved to room H530 (on the top floor in building H at Physics department.) Astrophysics course 2012: Lectures: Every week on Wednesdays 13.15 - 15.00 in seminar room F at Mathematical Physics and Tuesdays (with some exceptions) 8.15 - 10.00 in seminar room F.
The first lecture will be given on Wednesday January 25.


För mer information kontakta Ragnar Bengtsson (

For more information contact Ragnar Bengtsson (

Seminars 2010: Wednesdays 13-15 in seminar room F at Mathematical Physics.

Astrophysics course 2010: Students will individually study a given topic each week to prepare for weekly seminars.

March 10 seminar: Since this seminar is only two days before the written exam, no new topic will be presented. The seminar time will instead be used for last-minute questions.

The written exam on March 12 will take place in seminar room F at Mathematical Physics. The time is 8.00 - 12.00.

The results of the written exam are now available. You find them listed in the corridor at Mathematical Physics near seminar room F.

Study program 2010

Week Topic, seminar date
27/1 - 3/2 Basic nuclear physics and thermonuclear reactions, 3/2
3/2 - 10/2 Stellar evolution, 10/2
10/2 - 17/2 The formation of light elements, 17/2
17/2 - 24/2 The formation of heavy elements, 24/2
24/2 - 3/3 The early universe 3/3
1/3 - 10/3 To be decided, 10/3
*********** WRITTEN EXAM, 12/3

Questions on nuclear physics.

Questions and exercises on fundamental astronomy.

Questions on the formation of light elements.

Questions on the formation of heavy elements.

Questions on cosmology.

A summary of all the above questions plus a few more questions related to the course can be found in

A summary of self-study questions

The following two files contain material to be studied before the March 3 seminar:

Basic cosmology.

Fundamental astronomy.

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