Kärnstrukturteori 2017

(Nuclear structure theory (FMF121,FYST11)

- This is the homepage for the course in Nuclear structure theory (FMF121,FYST11) at Lund University.

- This course is intended for the students, who want to experience some theoretical exercises in the application of quantum mechanics. It gives an introduction to the advanced research field of theoretical nuclear physics, in which several senior staffs at the division of mathematical physics are working.

- Students for this course are expected to have a knowledge of Quantum Mechanics corresponding to the Advanced Course.

- Below we provide information and useful documents for the course.

New stuff

-22/12 2017 -
Solutions for week 6 are now available below.

-19/12 2017 -
Times for the exam are now availiable.
The plan is on the bill board in the corridor at Mathematical physics.
Sign up by writing your name there or by email to:

-15/12 2017 -
Solutions for week 5 are now available below.

-7/12 2017 -
Solutions for week 4 are now available below.

-6/12 2017 -
The exercise session on friday, 8/12, will be held in room B307.

-30/11 2017 -
Solutions for week 3 are now available below.

-23/11 2017 -
Solutions for week 2 are now available below.

-16/11 2017 -
Solutions to the exercises for week 1 has been uploaded. There will be a new set of solutions each week.

-10/11 2017 -
list of lectures has been updated and contains the schedual for the lectures and excercises.

-26/10 2017 -
Missprint corrected: intro meeting is on a thursday / Thanks Thies


Course introduction meeting held on Thursday, 2/11/2017 at 12:30 in
seminar room C368 (third floor house C in fysicum)

Description of the course

The syllabus is available here
list of lectures


- Lecturers:

Ingemar Ragnarsson, Sven Åberg , and Gillis Carlsson

- Exercise assistant:

Jimmy Ljungberg
- För questions concerning course registration, Ladok, registration for exams and similar contact: Sven Åberg


Each week there are 2 lectures and one excercise session,

Lectures: seminar room C368, Thuesdays 13-15 and Thursdays 13-15
Exercises: C368, Fridays 13-15


The main literature for the course consists of:

(1) S.G. Nilsson and I. Ragnarsson: Shapes and Shells in Nuclear Structure, Cambridge Press, 1995.
(printouts distributed during lectures)

(2) I. Hamamoto, Theoretical Nuclear Structure Physics, Kompendium, Div. of Mathematical Physics
(printouts distributed during lectures)

Extra reading

Recommended books covering many-body methods applied to nuclear structure are:

P. Ring and P. Schuck: The Nuclear Many-Body Problem
J. Suhonen: From Nucleons to Nucleus
D. J. Rowe: Nuclear Collective Motion

Course Material

- Course literature: handed out during the lectures

- excercises: (preliminary)

solutions 1
solutions 2
solutions 3
solutions 4
solutions 5
solutions 6

- Hand-in excercises:

Hand-in friday week 4: set 1
Hand-in friday week 6: set 2
Hand-in friday week 8: set 3

To be handed in during the excercise sessions on fridays.
Alternatively it may be given in the box in the cupboard next to room C368

Computer exercise

Questions for oral exam


Oral exams, take place in dec. 2017 - jan. 2018