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FYSC01, Physics 3, Modern Physics (Spring 2015, VT15)


Solid State Physics Part

7.5 HP



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General information

Aim of the course

The student will learn how central concepts in solid-state physics can be applied to model 

physical effects. It is part of the course Modern Physics FYSC01, also named Physics 3


Expected foreknowledge


Course structure


Schedule, Lectures Halls and dates VT 2015

For the full schedule and times, see here



Lectures:                                 For location, see schedule

Exercises:                               Location to be confirmed

Final Exam:                             MA: =9A-B-C

Topics, reading assignments, and exercise questions to work on:

1.     week: Bonding, crystals, diffraction, defects  

                 (Hofmann Chapters 1,2), exercise questions, set 1  (optional extra reading: Holgate Chap. 2, 3, 5.1)


2.     week: Mechanical properties, Phonons, thermal properties, and free electron models 

                 (Hofmann Chapters 3, 4, and 5), exercise questions, set 2, notes on Lattice vibrations 

                 and specific heat (optional additional reading: Holgate Chapters 4, 5.2, 5.3, and 6.1)


3.     week: Band structure, semiconductor devices and dielectrics (Hofmann Chapters 6, 7, 

                 and 9), exercise questions, set 3, notes on band structure, and electric conduction  

                 (optional additional reading: Holgate Chapters 6.2 to 7)


4.     week: Magnetism, superconductivity and topics of ongoing research (Hofmann Chapters 8, 

                 10 and 11) exercise questions, set 4 (optional additional reading: Holgate Chapters 6 and 8)

Requirements and examination

-      Support material allowed for the exam: scientific pocket calculator only.

-        A formula compendium will be provided together with the exam questions.

An example of old exam (requires password).


Damtie Fikkeradis Room K422, phone 046-2229088,

Miroslav Hopjan,Room K415-416, phone 046-2229087,

C1: One dimensional Phonon modes: Manual, Location: Datorsal
C2: Band structure: Manual, Location: Datorsal

C1 and C2 LABS introduction slides (requires password).


Emil Boström, Room K423, phone 046-2229071,


Course Literature:


Philip Hofmann: Solid State Physics (Wiley VCH 2008)


Additional and optional course literature:

Sharon Ann Holgate: Understanding Solid State Physics (Taylor and Francis 2009) 

With content and sequence of topics similar to Hofmann’s, Holgate focuses more on the intuitive understanding, 

and is intended as a complementary lecture to Hofmann. The latter is the primary bibliographic reference.

Related Literature (Classical texts on the subject)

·        H. Ibach and H. Lüth: Solid State Physics (Springer 2003)

·        N.W. Ashcroft and N. D. MerminSolid State Physics  (Cengage Learning 1976)

Useful notes

Slides of the course-lectures:

For A. Mikkelsen' s lectures, see Live@Lund

For C. Verdozzi’s lectures

1st set of Slides (requires password),and sketch of the lectures (requires password).

2nd set of Slides (requires password),and sketch of the lectures (requires 


Formula sheet  for the exam ( a new copy of it will be given at the exam)


Anders Mikkelsen, phone 046-2229627,
Claudio Verdozzi
, phone 046-2229499,



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