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FYSC01, Physics 3, Modern Physics (Spring 2015, VT15)


Solid State Physics Part

7.5 HP



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General information

Aim of the course

The student will learn how central concepts in solid-state physics can be applied to model 

physical effects. It is part of the course Modern Physics FYSC01, also named Physics 3


Expected foreknowledge


Course structure


Schedule, Lectures Halls and dates VT 2015

For the full schedule and times, see here



Lectures:                                 For location, see schedule

Exercises:                               Location to be confirmed

Final Exam:                             MA: =9A-B-C

Topics, reading assignments, and exercise questions to work on:

1.     week: Bonding, crystals, diffraction, defects  

                 (Hofmann Chapters 1,2), exercise questions, set 1  (optional extra reading: Holgate Chap. 2, 3, 5.1)


2.     week: Mechanical properties, Phonons, thermal properties, and free electron models 

                 (Hofmann Chapters 3, 4, and 5), exercise questions, set 2, notes on Lattice vibrations 

                 and specific heat (optional additional reading: Holgate Chapters 4, 5.2, 5.3, and 6.1)


3.     week: Band structure, semiconductor devices and dielectrics (Hofmann Chapters 6, 7, 

                 and 9), exercise questions, set 3, notes on band structure, and electric conduction  

                 (optional additional reading: Holgate Chapters 6.2 to 7)


4.     week: Magnetism, superconductivity and topics of ongoing research (Hofmann Chapters 8, 

                 10 and 11) exercise questions, set 4 (optional additional reading: Holgate Chapters 6 and 8)

Requirements and examination

-      Support material allowed for the exam: scientific pocket calculator only.

-        A formula compendium will be provided together with the exam questions.

An example of old exam (requires password).


Damtie Fikkeradis Room K422, phone 046-2229088,

Miroslav Hopjan,Room K415-416, phone 046-2229087,

C1: One dimensional Phonon modes: Manual, Location: Datorsal
C2: Band structure: Manual, Location: Datorsal

C1 and C2 LABS introduction slides (requires password).


Emil Boström, Room K423, phone 046-2229071,


Course Literature:


Philip Hofmann: Solid State Physics (Wiley VCH 2008)


Additional and optional course literature:

Sharon Ann Holgate: Understanding Solid State Physics (Taylor and Francis 2009) 

With content and sequence of topics similar to Hofmann’s, Holgate focuses more on the intuitive understanding, 

and is intended as a complementary lecture to Hofmann. The latter is the primary bibliographic reference.

Related Literature (Classical texts on the subject)

·        H. Ibach and H. Lüth: Solid State Physics (Springer 2003)

·        N.W. Ashcroft and N. D. MerminSolid State Physics  (Cengage Learning 1976)

Useful notes

Slides of the course-lectures:

A. Mikkelsen' s lectures will appear during the course

C. Verdozzi’ s lectures will appear during the course


Formula sheet  for the exam ( a new copy of it will be given at the exam)


Anders Mikkelsen, phone 046-2229627,
Claudio Verdozzi, phone 046-2229499,



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