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International Conference on Finite Fermionic Systems
Nilsson Model 50 Years
June 14-18 2005, Lund, Sweden



Every participant is responsible for her or his own accommodation!

In a number of hotels, we have pre-booked a number of rooms, which can be obtained at special rates providing the information indicated below. All of these locations are within walking distance of the conference site (10 - 20 min). They are marked on the map as well. Note that parking cars is sometimes difficult but always expensive in Lund (Scandinavia)!

Hotels with Nilsson 2005 contingent:

Best Western Hotel Djingis Khan
Margaretavägen 7C, +46 46 33 36 10.
10 double rooms, booking no. 28440,
1308 SEK per night (Sun-Fri) and 800 SEK per night (Fri-Sun)
20 single rooms, booking no. 28459,
1062 SEK per night (Sun-Fri) and 700 SEK per night (Fri-Sun)
Including breakfast, deadline May 1st.


First Hotel Planetstaden
Dalbyvägen 38, +46 46 280 01 00.
10 double rooms, 1100 SEK per night (Sun-Fri) and 600 SEK per night (Fri-Sun)
20 single rooms, 850 SEK per night (Sun-Fri) and 500 SEK per night (Fri-Sun)
Breakfast buffé, booking ref. Nilsson2005, deadline May 15th.


Grand Hotel
Bantorget 1, +46 46 280 61 00
5 double rooms, 1795 SEK per night (Sun-Fri) and 1295 SEK per night (Fri-Sun)
10 single rooms, 1465 SEK per night (Sun-Fri) and 925 SEK per night (Fri-Sun)
Including breakfast, booking ref. 58817, deadline June 10th.


STF/HI Vandrarhem Tåget
Vävaregatan 22, +46 46 14 28 20
10 compartments (2 persons each), 175 SEK per night per person
Booking ref. Nilsson 2005, deadline May 1st.

Other hotels:
See the corresponding information provided by the city of Lund.

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Last modified: June 22, 2005