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Quantum Ergodicity - Basic Ideas and Recent Developments

Lund, 22nd - 24th January 2004

Lund's medieval dome Organizers: (
Stefan Keppeler (Lund), Andrei Khrennikov (Växjö) and Jörg Schmeling (Lund)

Topic: Quantum ergodicity deals with the asymptotic equidistribution of eigenfunctions of quantum systems with ergodic classical limit. As such the subject has close links to questions in both mathematics and physics, e.g. quantum chaos, localization/scarring, quasi modes, semiclassical time evolution, and number theory, which will be touched by the different contributions.

Plan: The workshop will consist of two mini courses (3 hours each) introducing the subject of quantum ergodicity from both a physics and a mathematics perspective (given by Arnd Bäcker and Pär Kurlberg, respectively), as well as research talks on recent developments. Thus it is also aimed at an audience of advanced students and researchers who are not experts in the field (yet ;-). Between and after the lectures and talks there will be left plenty of time for informal discussions.

List of speakers:
The workshop takes place at the Center for Mathematical Sciences (directions) and the Division of Mathematical Physics, LTH, Lund University.

From the station take bus no. 1 to Ístra Torn: (see Lund/bus map)
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