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nanoscale, and advanced quantum theory





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Latest News


2014-06-19: New Course this Fall! The course: Leadership, teams and development will be given again this October. See the Courses page for more information.


2014-04-25: New Summer School! A summer school on Topological States will be given 9-13 June at Chalmers University. See the Summer Schools page for more information.


2014-02-26: New Course on Many Body Physics in March! A comprehensive course covering the basis of different many-body methods and ideas of interest. See the Courses page for more information.


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Visions of the Linnaeus Graduate School


  • To provide a PhD education in Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering of highest international standards, by combining a unique research environment  at Lund University with scientific and pedagogic skills
  • To strengthen connections between experiment and theory
  • To strengthen connections between basic research and applications
  • To strengthen international contacts, as well as contacts with universities in South Western Scandinavia