Linnaeus Graduate School — Falkenberg, 2009

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Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering -



a bridge between high technologies on the

nanoscale, and advanced quantum theory





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Linnaeus Summer School in

Quantum Mechanics for Modern Devices”
Hotel Strandbaden, Falkenberg, 24-27 August 2009


In collaboration with Chalmers Linnaeus programme/graduate




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Lund University

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S-22100 Lund


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The main lecturer of the school is professor David Ferry, Arizona State University, who will give about 10 hours of lectures.


The plan is that each 2-hours (2*45 minutes) lecture shall be followed by a 100 minutes exercice/discussion session in a smaller group, focusing on the content of the lecture.


The subject of the course will approximately follow the book of professor David Ferry on Transport in Nanostructures (Cambridge). The 10 lectures preliminary cover the following topics:


1. Introduction to QM, implications and the dark side.

2. 1D confinement with/without magnetic fields, QHE

3. Tunneling and resonant tunneling

4. Single-electron tunneling, dots

5. 2D confinement and single-electron tunneling with discrete levels

6. Quantum effects in devices, scaling, HEMTs

7. Surfaces and interfaces

8. The wierdness of graphene

9. Graphene and CNTs

10. Transport in molecules


In addition to the lectures by Ferry there will be two lectures focusing on research related to the course carried out in Lund and Göteborg, respectively. Also these two lectures will be followed by a 100 minutes session of exercice/discussions.


Important! Each student is suggested to bring her/his own laptop to the School.


Participation for members of the Linnaeus graduate School is free of charge.




The School will be organized at the very nice Hotel Strandbaden in Falkenberg, situated just 15 meters from the water.




The program for the summer school                       (pdf)

The outline of Prof. David Ferry’s lectures            (pdf)




There will be two levels of examination:


Level 1: active participation in the school (1.5 hp)


Level 2: active partcipation in the school, solving some distributed tasks (at home), and presenting the solutions orally (6 hp).