Gaps, Traps and Lattices
- Correlations in Small Quantum Systems

Magnus Borgh

Matematisk Fysik, LTH

Friday, 27 April 2007, 10:15
Lecture Hall F

Thesis Advisor:
Prof. Stefanie Reimann

Faculty Opponent:
Prof. Vidar Gudmundsson, Reykjavik

This dissertation investigates properties of two-dimensional many-body systems. Studies are performed using the Spin-Density Functional Theory with the Local Spin-Density Approximation, and numerical exact diagonalization. The properties studied include symmetry-breaking states in few-electron quantum dots, gaps in confined few-body systems, magnetic properties of cold fermionic atoms in optical lattices, and vortex formation in few-body systems. The dissertation also studies the properties of the SDFT-LSDA method for many-body calculations itself.

There will be some refreshments served in the Matfys lunch room before the disputation at 9:30.