Licenciat thesis:

Nuclear masses and rotational bands at high angular momenta

This thesis deals with the description of the many-body physics of the atomic nucleus. We present results of calculations for the observed rotational bands in  86Nb and  58Ni using the the cranked Nilsson-Strutinsky model which is based on a deformed and rotating mean-field potential. Mean field methods to calculate the nuclear mass are also extended into the high-spin regime to calculate the nuclear binding energy as a function of proton number, neutron number and angular momentum. Comparing the trend as a function of mass number for a selection of high-spin states, a similar agreement between theory and experiment is obtained as for ground state masses.

Ingemar Ragnarsson, Sven Åberg and Ragnar Bengtsson

Anatoli Afanasjev
Department of physics, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame,
Indiana 46556