Equation of State and
Boiling in Nuclear Fermi-Liquid

Professor V.M. Kolomietz, Kiev

Thursday, January 19th 2006, 13.30

Seminar room F, Mathematical Physics, Sölvegatan 14A

We discuss the structure of the three-dimension surface of equilibrium and
the boiling conditions in a hot asymmetric nuclear matter. We show the
existence of the regime of retrograde condensation at the boiling of
asymmetric nuclear matter.  We discuss the results of calculations of the
caloric curves and show the presence of the plateau region in caloric curves
in the case of isobaric boiling. Special attention is paid to the conditions
for the generation of the embryonic vapor phase (bubbles) and the dependence
of the critical radius of the vapor bubbles on the nuclear temperature. We
discuss the development of bubble instability in an overheated nuclear
matter. We show that the Fermi's properties of the nuclear matter (Fermi
surface distortion effects) change significantly the dynamics of bubble
instability. In particular, the growth and the collapsing of the bubbles are
accompanied by the specific zero-sound-like waves in the surrounding boiling
Fermi liquid.