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Colloquium in Theoretical Physics

Hunting the Fundamental Laws of Nature

Professor Holger Bech Nielsen
Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen

Thursday, 17th March 2005, 13.15
Lecture hall (Sal) F, Sölvegatan 14

The general status of the situation in high energy physics, and some of the most promising approaches for further advancements, will be presented. I will also include my own ideas of random dynamics philosophy, where we have had some successes in recent times. String theory is one of the candidates for the right theory, although it is not evident that it is not barely a free or trivial theory. The hour of truth for string theory may come up when the LHC accelerator gets going.

The Colloquia in Theoretical Physics are aimed for a general audience of students, teachers and researchers interested in physics and the laws of Nature. Coffee will be served after the Colloquium.

Everybody is welcome!

Gösta Gustafson -- Theoretical physics
Sven Åberg -- Mathematical physics

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