Controlling Chaos

Professor Eckerhard Schöll

Institut für Theoretische Physik, TU Berlin, Germany

Friday , 15 June 2007, 13:30
Lecture room F, Physics Department, Sölvegatan 14

Self-organized pattern formation arises in various nonlinear dynamic systems. Our focus is on control of those patterns by time-delayed feedback methods [1]. On one hand, deterministic chaos can be suppressed, and unstable periodic orbits and fixed points can be stabilized. On the other hand, purely noise-induced patterns can be considered, and their temporal coherence and time-scales can be controlled. Our findings are applied to different classes of semiconductor nanostructures [2]: (i) Nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics of double-barrier resonant-tunneling (DBRT) diodes; (ii) Charge carrier fronts and field domains in superlattices; (iii) Relaxation oscillations in semiconductor lasers

[1] E. Schöll and H.G. Schuster (Editors): Handbook of Chaos Control (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2007), second completely revised and enlarged edition.
[2] E. Schöll, Nonlinear spatio-temporal dynamics and chaos in semiconductors (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2001, Paperback 2005).

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