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Colloquium in Theoretical Physics

Quantum Chaos

Professor Sven Åberg
Division of Mathematical Physics, LTH, Lund University

Friday, 20th May 2005, 13.30
Lecture hall (Sal) F, Sölvegatan 14

Quantum chaos is defined as the study of quantum versions of classically chaotic systems. We start by introducing chaos in classical mechanics, and then signatures of chaos in quantum mechanics. This is illustrated by considering the hydrogen atom in a strong magnetic field. We then discuss quantum chaos in interacting many-body systems, such as atomic nuclei and quantum dots. What may cause quantum chaos in many-body systems, and what is the relative role of the confining (or mean field) potential and the two-body interaction? Specifically we shall consider a deformed quantum dot, and rotating atomic nuclei. We finally discuss if the error in best nuclear mass formulae is due to quantum chaos.

The Colloquia in Theoretical Physics are aimed for a general audience of students, teachers and researchers interested in physics and the laws of Nature. Coffee will be served after the Colloquium.

Everybody is welcome!

Gösta Gustafson -- Theoretical physics
Sven Åberg -- Mathematical physics

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