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Autumn 1999
Lund Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Physics
time, place speaker, subject
1999-08-19 at 15:15
L. S. Ferreira, Lisboa, Portugal:
The equation of state for symmetric and asymmetric matter
1999-08-20 at 11:15
E. Maglione, Università di Padova, Italien:
Proton emission from drip line nuclei
1999-09-10 at 15:15
Ikuko Hamamoto, Matematisk Fysik:
Neutron-proton ratio of collective excitations
1999-09-17 at 14:15
Solveig Skadhauge, Matematisk Fysik:
Report from visit to SISSA, Italy
1999-10-01 at 14:15
Per Östborn, Matematisk Fysik:
``Impressions from Dynamic Days '99, Como, and the EWGCCE '99 cardiac cellular electrophysiology meeting, Oxford/Orsay'' [mixing of man and machine at DNA-level; quantization of the electric activity of the cell; connections between statistical mechanics and chaos theory]
1999-10-08 at 14:15
Dr Matrin Müller, University of Witwatersrand/ComOpt AB, Helsingborg:
Semiclassical quantisation of the deformed Woods-Saxon potential
1999-11-02 at 13:30
Bengt E Y Svensson, Teoretisk fysik 2, Lund:
Quantum Informatics: ``Exploiting quantum mechanics for computing, cryptography and teleportation.''
1999-11-17 at 15:15
Ben Mottelson, NORDITA:
A Rotating Cloud of Bosonic Atoms in an External Trap Exhibits Remarkable Quantal Structure at Low Temperature
1999-11-22 at 13:30
Hideyuki Sakai, University of Tokyo, Japan:
Precise measurements of the dp elastic scattering at 270 MeV and three-nucleon force effect

Room K033 is located at Helgonavägen 5 (opposite to Gerdahallen). Seminar room 301C is found at Helgonavägen 5. LR B is Lecture room B at Physics Department.

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