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Spring 2000
Lund Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Physics
Autumn 1999

These are the seminars arranged by the Department of Mathematical Physics, but some selected external seminars may be listed, as well. See also seminars at the Physics Institute.

time, place speaker, subject
2000-01-20 at 13:15
Room K033
Baoguo Dong, Beijing, Kina:
Band Structures of 123La
2000-01-31 at 13:00
Room K033
Zhang Xi Zhen, Beijing, Kina:
Informal Seminar: Society, Science and Nuclear Physics in China
2000-02-11 at 13:15
Lecture room F
Prof. Cecilia Jarlskog, Lund:
Lecture/Seminar: ``Inflation i tidliga universum''
2000-02-18 at 15:15
Seminar room F
Dr. Kevin Fissum, Lund University / Jefferson Lab Hall A Collaboration:
Electron Scattering in Hall A Jefferson Lab
2000-03-03 at 11:00--15:00
Seminar room F
Bjorn Jonson, Goteborg (main speaker), Geirr Sletten, NBI (contribution):
Future Research with Radioactive Ion Beams
2000-03-07 at 15:30
Lecture room F
Andrius Juodagalvis, Matematisk Fysik, LTH:
Pairing Interaction in N=Z nuclei with Half-Filled High-J Shell
2000-03-17 at 15:15--17:00
Lecture room F
Prof. Karlheinz Langanke, Aarhus:
Lecture/Seminar: ``Some current problems in nuclear astrophysics''
2000-03-24 at 11:00
Seminar room F
Prof. Hiro Sagawa, University of Aizu, Japan:
Spin-orbit interactions and magnetic responses
2000-04-05 at 15:15
Lecture room B
Professor Villy Sundström, Chemical Physics, Lund:
Solar Energy Conversion: Artificial Photosynthesis or Solar cells? Which will be the future
2000-04-12 at 11:00--14:30
Seminar room Ma4, NBI
G. B. Hagemann, I Hamamoto, B. Mottelson, H. Ryde:
Wobbling Motion of Rotating Triaxial Nuclei
2000-04-28 at 11:00
Seminar room F, MP
Sergiy Lukyanov, Kiev, Ukraine:
Relaxation processes of collective excitations in cold finite Fermi systems
2000-05-10 at 15:15
Lecture room B, PD
Prof. Hans Olofsson, Stockholm Observatory:
The Final Evolutionary Stage of the Sun
2000-05-24 at 11:15
Seminar room F, MP
Prof. Rick Casten, Yale University, USA:
Nuclear Structural Evolution -- Phase Transitions and Phonons
2000-07-03 at 10:30
Seminar room F, MP
Dr S Roman, Oak Ridge:
Ground-state Quadrupole Deformations


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