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Autumn 2001
Lund Institute of Technology
Department of Mathematical Physics
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These are the seminars arranged by the Department of Mathematical Physics, but some selected external seminars may be listed, as well.

time, place speaker, subject
2001-08-28 at 10:30
Seminar room F
Dr Daniel Almehed, Rossendorf:
Quantum Fluctuations in Rotating Nuclei
2001-09-04 at 16:00
Seminar room F
Michael Seidl, Regensburg:
Density Functional Theory from the Exreme Limits of Correlation
2001-09-07 at 10:30
Seminar room F
Taro Nagao, Department of Physics, Graduate School of Science, Osaka University:
Vicious Random Walkers and a Discretization of Random Matrices
2001-10-12 at 10:15
Olav Syljuasen, NORDITA:
Are there spinons in the 2D Heisenberg model?
2001-10-16 at 15:15
Y. Fujita, Osaka University, Japan:
Comparison of Analogous Transititons in T=1/2 Mirror Nuclei
2001-11-16 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Georgios Kavoulakis:
Nonlinear effects in clouds of Bose-Einstein condensed atoms
2001-11-22 at 11:15
NBI, Ma14
W. Nazarewicz:
Physics News from Oak Ridge
2001-11-22 at 13:15
NBI, Auditorium A
W. Nazarewicz:
Physics of radioactive nuclear beams: Probing 'Terra Incognita'
2001-11-23 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Thomas Guhr:
Noise reduction in financial markets
2001-11-30 at 13:30
Seminar room F
Prof. Jörg Schmeling, Dept. of Mathematics, LTH:
How dynamical methods apply in other parts of mathematics and physically-motivated problems — some examples and questions.


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