Latex commands

Command Result
$\underset{top}{bottom}$ bottom is placed under top
$\underbrace{bottom[\qquad]}^{top}$ bottom is placed under top
$\mbox{\Large bla bla bla}$ modify text size in math mode
$"`..."'$ German quotes
remove the title "References" along with the place holder in the bibliography
set margins with respect to the paper size
\renewcommand{\baselinestretch}{F} enlargens line separation by factor F
places eqnarray in box
\Phi(\underline{r})  = &
\sum_{\lambda, n} \xi_{\lambda,n}(\underline{r}) u_{\lambda,n}(\underline{r}) a_{\lambda, n}\\
\Phi^+(\underline{r}) = &\sum_{\lambda, n} \xi_{\lambda,n}^*(\underline{r}) u_{\lambda,n}^*(\underline{r}) a_{\lambda, n}^+
places equation number in the middle between two equations
\usepackage{cite} [1,3-5,11]
*.dtx dtx files contain the source code as well as documentation of a package. a *.ins script compiles the dtx file into a sty files
\newpage \mbox{} \newpage ... add multiple white pages in a document
\hspace*{1cm} in eqnarray change spacing of long entries so that general end of column is shifted
\thispagestyle{myheadings} \markboth{}{} remove heading on one page
\mbox{\boldmath$\sigma$} boldfont Greek letters
\! negative space
\usepackage{lscape}\\ \begin{landscape}...\end{landscape} make single pages landscape