Homepage of Claudio Verdozzi

Research Topics

- Strongly Correlated Model Systems
- Quantum transport, Disorder
- Spectroscopy
- Ultracold fermion atoms in optical lattices
- Electron-Phonon and magnetic interactions
- Finite systems

Methods (use and development)

- Non-equilibrium Green's functions
- Time Dependent Density Functional Theory
- Exact numerical methods


Claudio Verdozzi (phone: +46-46-2229499)
Mathematical Physics and European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility,
Lund University, Box 118 221 00 Lund, Sweden


- Curriculum Vitae
- Publications
- Brief Research profile
- Member of the European Theoretical Spectroscopy Facility (E.T.S.F.)
- Course coordinator for Bachelor and Master diploma work at the Physics Department, Lund University

Supervision of PhD students

- Past
Marc Puig von Friesen (grad. 2011), Valeria Vettchinkina (grad. 2012), A. Kartsev (grad. 2013),
Daniel Karlsson (grad. 2014), Miroslav Hopjan (grad. 2018), Emil Böstrom (grad. 2018)

- Present
Zhen Zhao, Megha Gopalakrishna

Supervision of Diploma students

Bachelor and Master theses available
For examples of past diploma students/theses, see here


- Past courses
Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Spring 2006)
Advanced Electromagnetism (Fall 2010)
Kvantmekanik och matematiska metoder (2010-13)
Many-Body Theory (2014)

- Present courses
- Solid State Physics (FYSC13)

- Statistical Physics (FYSB12)

- Many-Body Theory (FYST49, NAFY005)