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Some selected papers

2015 - The Astrophysical Journal
A novel method to determine magnetic fields in low-density plasma facilitated through accidental degeneracy of quantum states in Fe9+

In this paper we propose for the first time a new method to measure magnetic field strengths in the Solar corona

2015 - The Astrophysical Journal: Supplement Series
Hyperfine-dependent gf-values of Mn I lines in the 1.49-1.80 μm H band

About the impact of off-diagonal hyperfine interaction in neutral Manganese on spectra from stellar atmospheres

2014 - Physical Review A
Coronal lines and the importance of deep-core-valence correlation in Ag-like ions

A theoretical in-depth study of the electron correlation in the Ag-like isoelectronic sequence

2013 - Physical Review A
Effect of an external magnetic field on the determination of E1M1 two-photon decay rates in Be-like ions

On the competition between magnetic-field induced and two-photon radiative transitions in Be-like ions