Linnaeus Grant

Nanoscience and Quantum Engineering -



a bridge between high technologies on the

nanoscale, and advanced quantum theory





The centre combines growth, characterization and device fabrication with advanced quantum theory and device modelling -



Scientific Board Members


Mathematical Physics

             T. Guhr,  S. M. Reimann, P. Samuelsson,

             A. Wacker, S. Åberg


Solid State Physics

             K. Deppert, A. Gustafsson, D. Hessman,

             A. Löfgren, L. Montelius,  M.-E. Pistol,

             L.Samuelson,  L. Tegenfeldt, L.-E. Wernersson,

             F. Höök,  H. Q. Xu


Synchrotron Radiation Research

             J. Andersen, A. Mikkelsen


Materials Chemistry

             J.-O. Bovin, J.-O. Malm, R. Wallenberg


Quantum information group, Atomic Physics

             S. Kröll

at the core of prioritized research at Lund University,

both at the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and the

Faculty of Science.







Steering Committee


S.M. Reimann and L. Samuelson (scientific coordination)


Anneli Löfgren (administrative coordination)


Sven Åberg (coordination of doctoral program)




last update 2008-02-10

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