Matematisk Fysik seal LTH


Thomas Guhr

Komplex Ekonomi or Complex Economy, reference number FMF170. If you want to find out how the methods of statistical physics are applied to the economy and to the capital markets, this is the right course for you. I teach it every second year in the Winter, next time 2007, then 2009 and so on.

Relativitetsteori, kurskod FMF061. Den här kursen ger en introduktion till relativitetsteorin och dess fascinerande fenomenvärld. Kursen är valfri för F2 och E2 och den kan också vara interessant för Pi-teknologer. Jag kommer att ge kursen på våren 2007.

Lie Groups and Quantum Mechanics, reference number FMF001F. This course is mainly intended for graduate students, but can also be taken by undergraduate students with strong interest in theoretical physics. It introduces to the basic concepts of Lie groups and Lie algebras. The emphasis is on physics applications. I taught the course in Spring 2004. If students are interested, it could be given again in 2007.