Thermodynamics and thermoelectrics
Energy and temperature fluctuations in the single electron box

Paper submitted to NJP - special issue on Quantum Thermodynamics.
Thermoelectric properties of hybrid systems

Paper in preparation.
Pump-probe scheme for electron-photon dynamics in hybrid conductor-cavity systems

Papers on this topic are arXiv:1402.1351
and PRB 90, 085416 (2014)
Intrinsic spin Hall effect
Intrinsic spin Hall conductivity and disorder
The spin Hall conductivity for different disorder strengths. It is lowest near the localization transition.
Some more information can be found here.
Papers on this topic are PRB 84, 245210 (2011) or arXiv:1111.3575
and PRB 86, 245420 (2012) or arXiv:1207.2100.
Localization transition

At weak disorder strenghts the wavefunction in the two-dimensional electron gas is delocalized due to the spin-orbit coupling. At critical disorder a localization transition takes place.
A conference precedings on the topic: arXiv:1203.2568 and a paper: PRB 86, 245420 (2012) or arXiv:1207.2100.
Carrier mediated interaction

The goal of this study is to find natural magnetic phase of the system and take this into account in calculations of the spin Hall conductivity.
Double exchange ferromagnetic materials
Orbital polaron in ferromagnets

In the spectral function of double exchange ferromagnets, we observe in the upper-Hubbard bands the characteristic three-band structure. The polaron near the Fermi energy is a result of the mechanism that allows electrons to move around in the lattice near quarter filling (n=1). Without the polaron the energy cost of moving around through the lattice would increase proportionally to the length of the path covered by the electron, so the electron would be localized. See PRB 86, 235114 (2012) or arXiv:1205.0511.
Disordered double exchange impurities

Disorder in a system with correlated magnetic impurities in an uncorrelated host material are treated using the "Shiba" coherent potential approximation.