Publication list (Tineke L. van den Berg)

T. L. van den Berg: Publications
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Pear reviewed:

  1. Energy and temperature fluctuations in the single electron box.
    T. L. van den Berg, Fredrik Brange and Peter Samuelsson. Submitted to NJP special issue on Quantum Thermodynamics.
  2. Pump-probe scheme for electron-photon dynamics in hybrid conductor-cavity systems.
    T. L. van den Berg, C. Bergenfeldt and P. Samuelsson, Phys. Rev. B, 90, 085416 (2014) here.
    See also: arXiv:1402.1351
  3. Enhanced spin Hall effect in strong magnetic disorder.
    T. L. van den Berg, L. Raymond and A. Verga, Phys. Rev. B, 86, 245420 (2012) here.
    See also: arXiv:1207.2100
  4. Orbital polaron in double exchange ferromagnets.
    T. L. van den Berg, P. Lombardo, R. O. Kuzian and R. Hayn, Phys. Rev. B, 86, 235114 (2012) here.
    See also: arXiv:1205.0511
  5. Dynamical spin Hall conductivity in magnetic disordered systems.
    T. L. van den Berg, L. Raymond and A. Verga. Phys. Rev. B, 84, 245210 (2011)here.
    See also: arXiv:1111.3575
  6. Stationary states and fractional dynamics in systems with long range interactions.
    Tineke van den Berg, Duccio Fanelli, Xavier Leoncini. EPL, 89, 50010 (2010)here
    See also: arXiv:0912.3060
  7. Out-of-equilibrium solutions in the XY-Hamiltonian Mean Field model.
    X. Leoncini, T. L. Van den Berg and D. Fanelli. EPL, 86, 20002 (2009)here.
    See also: arXiv:0809.3709

Conference Proceedings:

  1. Spin dependent transport in an electron gas with magnetic disorder.
    T. van den Berg and Alberto Verga, Chaos, Complexity and Transport (2011).
    See also: arXiv:1203.2568

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