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I am leading the mesoscopic physics group, working on theoretical problems in mesoscopic and nanoscale physics. My main research interests are
  • Quantum thermodynamics in mesoscopic and nanoscale conductors.
  • Quantum transport in circuit QED systems.
  • Electronic entanglement, generation and detection in mesoscopic systems.
  • Current noise and statistics of transport fluctuations, Full Counting Statistics,
  • Multiple Andreev Reflection and nonequilibrium effects in normal-superconducting systems.

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During the semester 2019/2020 I am teaching
  • FYSB11, Quantum mechanics

  • Open positions
    We presently have no PhD or postdoc openings.

    Group members
  • Patrick Potts (formerly Hofer), Postdoc
  • Timo Kerremans, PhD-student
  • Bjorn Annby-Andersson, PhD-student
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    Division of Mathematical Physics
    Department of Physics, Lund University
    Sölvegatan 14 A, S-223 62 Lund, Sweden
    Phone: +46 46-222 9078, Fax: +46 46-222 4438
    Email: Peter.Samuelsson at teorfys.lu.se

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