Printer instructions at Fysicum in Lund

In a room (C272) close to the main secretary there is a big poster printer.

You can check if this is installed on your computer with the command (Linux):
lpstat -a
which lists all installed printers.

If posterprinter is one of those it is just to write:
lpr -P posterprinter <filename.ps>
Don't forget to send the file with the correct size to the posterprinter i.e. not the one obtained from convert2a4... .tex.

You can check the status of your printer job with:
lpq -P posterprinter
Don't forget that the posterprinter must be turn on in room C272 and to write down on a list there how much paper you use.

www.matfys.lth.se/poster/printerinstructions.htm                                            (MÍ 2006)