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Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer
Jan. Marcus Dahlström
Mathematical Physics
Lund University (LTH)
Professorsgatan 1
S-223 63 Lund
Office: B:309
Phone: +46 46 22 29088

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    Research interests:
    • Strong-field laser physics and optics
    • Attosecond processes in photoionization
    • Diagrammatic approaches for many-body physics
    • Classical limits to quantum mechanics
    • Non-linear X-ray processes in matter
    Group members:
    • Rezvan Tahouri: PhD student involved in WAF project (est. 2021-11-01 - today)
    • Axel Stenquist: PhD student involved in Swe-Stg/KAW project (2021-09-01 - today)
    • Edvin Olofsson: PhD student involved in Swe-Stg project (2019-11-01 - today)
    • Jakob Bruhnke: Master student (2023-09-01 - today)
    • Yijie Liao: Exchange PhD student (very clever) from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (2023-03-01 - today)
    • Asimina Papoulia: Post-Doc involved in WAF project (2021-10-01 - 2023-12-31)
    • Stefanos Carlström: Post-Doc involved in VR project (2020-07-01 - 2023-12-31) → Post-doc at Max Born Institute with Prof. Olga Smirnova (MBI) in Berlin
    • Mattias Bertolino: PhD student involved in KAW project (2018-09-01 - 2023-05-26) → Post-doc at Charles University with Prof. Zdenek Masin in Prague
    • Axel Eriksson: Summer research project (2023 Summer)
    • Felipe Zapata: Post-Doc involved in Swe-Stg project (2019-11-01 - 2022-12-31) → Post-doc at Universidad Autonoma de Madrid (UAM) in Madrid
    • Elna Svegborn: Summer research project (2022 Summer)
    • Jimmy Vinbladh: Joint Lic./Researcher at Stockholm and Lund University (2015-01-01 - 2021-12-31)
    • David Busto: Joint PhD student at Atomic Physics of Lund University (2016-09-12 - 2020-08-28) → Post-Doc in Freiburg in the group of Prof. Dr. Sansone
    • Axel Stenquist: MSc student at Mathematical Physics Division (Felipe Zapata was co-supervisor) (2020-08-31 - 2021-05-10) → PhD student in the Research Group
    Research highlights:

    →Photoelectron signature of dressed-atom stabilization in an intense XUV field
    Physical Review Research, 2023

    →Observation of Rabi dynamics with a short-wavelength free-electron laser
    Nature, 2022

    →Multiphoton interaction phase shifts in attosecond science
    Physical Review Research, 2021

    →Fano's propensity rule in angle-resolved attosecond pump-probe photoionization
    Physical Review Letters, 2019

    →Anisotropic photoemission time delays close to a Fano resonance
    Nature Communications, 2018

    →Photoionization in time and frequency domain
    Science, 2017
    Read about this work in Physics Today: → here

    →Spectral phase measurement of a Fano resonance using tunable attosecond pulses
    Nature Communications, 2016

    →Double ionization probed on the attosecond timescale
    Nature Physics, 2014

    →Probing Single-Photon Ionization on the Attosecond Time Scale
    Physical Review Letters, 2011

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