CHAOS for Science and Technology (FMFN05, 7.5hp)

Teaching 2018:
Lectures: Wednesdays 10 - 12, Fridays 8 - 10 in H421

Plan for lectures:
March 21 One-dimensional maps (GO)
March 23 One-dimensional maps (GO)
March 28 Fractal geometry (SÅ)
Marhc 29, 15-17 Fractal geometry (SÅ)
April 18 Fractal geometry (SÅ)
April 20 Multidimensional systems (AI)
April 25 Multidimensional systems (AI)
April 27 Dissipative systems (AI)
May 2 Dissipative systems (GO)
May 4 Conservative systems (SÅ)
May 16 Conservative systems (SÅ)
May 17, 15-17 Conservative systems (SÅ)
May 23 Summary (GO)
May 25 Projects/Questions (GO)

Gunnar Ohlen (GO), Sven Åberg (SÅ), Andrea Idini (AI)

Exercises: Tuesdays 15-17 in H322 (27/3, 17/4, 24/4, 15/5, 22/5) and 13-15 in H322 (27/4).

Wednesday May 30, 08.00 - 13.00, in Vic:1D.


The project is a compulsory part of the course and corresponds to 1.5 hp.
You are suggested to work in groups of two persons, but in special cases you can work alone.
The project shall be presented in a written report - there is no oral presentation. Only two kinds of marks are given on the project part: passed or not passed.
A list of topics is available here
You might also suggest your own topic
You should have at least two meetings with your supervisor. You must start your project work and give a report to your supervisor before the written exam. The final deadline for the project is August 31, 2013.

Computer exercise

You can find the instruction papers here or at the Div. of Mathematical Physics
Matlab programs for the computer exercise in 'zip-format'.
The report should be handed in (in the box labeled "kaos in" at mathematical physics) before the written exam.

Other information

Literature: Gunnar Ohlen, Sven Åberg and Per Östborn: Chaos, revised version in English 2007, available at the Div. of Mathematical Physics.

[Reading instructions, pdf-file]

[Comments/corrections on Chapter 3: Fractal geometry]

[Some simple illustrations on fractals]

[Comments/corrections on Chapter 4: Multidimensional maps]

[Solutions of selected problems, chapter 2, pdf-file]

[Solutions of selected problems, chapter 3, pdf-file]

[Solutions of selected problems, chapter 4, pdf-file]

[Solution to problem 4:7, pdf-file]

[Solutions of selected problems, chapter 5, pdf-file]

[Solutions of selected problems, chapter 6, pdf-file]


[Exam, 051021]

[Solutions - exam, 051021]

[Exam, 070111]

[Answers - exam, 070111]

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